• Lasagna pasta
  • Soy-based bolognese sauce
  • Tomato sauce


  • Step 1: Put a lot of water in a pan and a drizzle of olive oil or oil, put it on the fire and wait for it to boil

  • Step 2: While the water is heating up, cover the bottom of the pyrex dish or the tray with tomato sauce and leave the Bolognese sauce or the other sauce you will use for your lasagna next to the pyrex

  • Step 3: As soon as the water boils, put a part of the dough in the water and count between 30 seconds and one minute. Then remove the dough from the water with the help of a slotted spoon

  • Step 4: Next, put the dough in a sieve (which you can already strategically place next to the pan)

  • Step 5: Wash the pasta from the sieve with water and place it in the pyrex over the tomato sauce

  • Step 6: Repeat the procedure with the other pasta until you cover the bottom of your container with the fresh pasta

  • Step 7: After finishing the initial layer, just put the Bolognese sauce and repeat the procedure to form the second layer

  • Step 8: Repeat the procedure, including sauce and pasta until the end, but remember not to cover with pasta at the end, the sauce should be the last part of the lasagna

  • Step 9: With the lasagna assembled, take it to the preheated oven for approximately 15 minutes or until gratin if that is the case with your sauce


  • 1: The amount of ingredients varies according to the size of the lasagna you want to make, so there is no specific measurement

  • 2: Remember that the last layer of the lasagna cannot be pasta

  • 3: Using the skimmer to remove the dough from the water is important so as not to tear the dough

  • 4: In order not to dry the top of the lasagna, you can add more tomato sauce with the Bolognese sauce at the end

  • 5: For this recipe, you can replace the Bolognese sauce with any other sauce you like, such as vegetable cheese sauce