• 1 green jackfruit (hard type)
  • Water as much as you need
  • Oil for hand and knife


  • Step 1: Wash the jackfruit, removing traces of earth and dirt

  • Step 2: Cut the jackfruit into smaller pieces, washing them afterwards to remove some of the sticky milk

  • Step 3: Place these pieces in a pressure cooker, covering with water. Let it cook and, when the pan sizzles, count another 15 minutes and turn it off

  • Step 4: Drain the water and wait to cool down to shred

  • Step 5: Cut off the core and skin that are harder and remove the seeds

  • Step 6: Shred one piece at a time. The jackfruit meat is ready to be seasoned

  • Step 7: After shredded, store the jackfruit tightly closed in the fridge for up to 3 days or in the freezer for up to two months


  • 1: To wash the jackfruit, use a brush to wash food and add coconut soap, don't forget to rinse well

  • 2: Apply a lot of oil to your hand and knife before cutting the jackfruit so that it doesn't stick, as the jackfruit releases a type of milk, a very sticky glue

  • 3: The pressure cooker process must be repeated until all the jackfruit is cooked. It is important to remember that the ideal is to cover a maximum of half of the pressure cooker

  • 4: If the jackfruit is getting too soft, reduce the cooking time in the next batches

  • 5: You can reuse the seeds in salads or farofas, if you like