The vegan lifestyle is a healthy style for the sake of animals lives and the environment, cause it directly affects our own lives and all animals lives around the world.

When we face vegan lifestyle, our biggest question tends to be about the vegan or vegetarian diet, cause it is the most challenging part to join and maintain.

You'll find here a series of tips for those who are vegan or are planning to join the vegetarian diet.

Our goal is not only to help you join the vegan diet, but also stick to this diet that is so important for the world and your health, since it often happens to quit the diet, sometimes getting back to an increased meat or animal based products consumption.

What is the vegan diet or vegetarian diet?

The vegetarian or vegan diet is a diet that comes from the vegan lifestyle and its purpose is to save animals that deeply suffers from the cruelty of the food industry for the sake of increasing profit.

It is important to remind that there are different vegetarian diets and not all of them are truly vegan, but these diets can be used as a smooth transition from the non vegan to the vegan world.

Read our post about the 4 types of vegetarian diets to better understand about this, including how to use those diets as a smooth transition and many tips to let your journey to vegan be soft and lasting.

For this post, when we say vegan diet, we are referring to the strict vegetarian diet in which there is no animal based products consumption and no animal derivatives, such as eggs and milk, for example.

Be careful: vegan is not just a diet

One of the most common mistakes after going vegan is to believe that it is all about the diet. Vegan lifestyle contains a wide set of changes we tend to do in the way we behave, including our diet. But it also affects the environment, the world, the animal lives and peoples lives. So the diet is a vital part, but not the only piece of it.

Once we adopt the belief that vegan is just a diet, we tend to avoid dozens of actions that we could take to make the world a better place for everyone. One good example about it is to change our health and beauty products from animal based to vegan based and avoid those that applies animal suffering in its fabrication process.

Besides that, we tend to push ourselves too hard because the vegan diet is to most difficult part of the lifestyle and so its easier to get frustrated and quit the diet. It is so much easier to stick to the vegan diet once we understand that we are making the difference already and it is okay to fail sometimes.

Exercise your thoughts to keep the vegetarian diet

As I said before, it is easier to keep a diet once we understand that we are making the difference within other actions already. One important thing to note is that habits changes usually takes 1 up to 3 months to consolidate in our brains.

A good way to exercise our mind is to keep studying about vegan lifestyle, watching documentaries about the vegan world, get involved with the vegan cause and understand the real meaning of becoming vegan.

We are working hard to keep bringing more content to you about vegan lifestyle to assist you in this journey, so keep looking at our blog posts to better understand how you can change the world through vegan

Learn how to cook vegan recipes

We live in a society that is far from becoming 100% vegan and so one of the biggest challenges is to find good options of vegan food to keep the vegetarian diet.

So a good solution for it is to learn how to cook your own vegetarian recipes and have a vegan diet plan with daily easy to make recipes suggestions. Bit by bit we will learn new recipes if we follow a good diet plan and it is also a good habit to cook your own food.

In order to assist you the get this plan, I would like to invite you to join your vegetarian diet plan in our app, it will provide you 4 vegan recipes suggestions daily, each for a specific meal time: breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.

It is okay if you can't cook a recipe of don't have the necessary ingredients for it, you can easily search for other recipes in our App to cook in place of the suggested one. Access this link to get access to breakfast vegan recipes, for example.

Make the quality of your feeding to become one habit

The vegan culinary is vast and so there are thousands of recipes for you to try on and the process to learn how to cook vegan recipes can be extremely satisfactory.

Give it a try and face it like a good learning process that will save animals lives and help the environment. This way, you will be also increasing the quality of your feeding with organic products and, with it, your overall life quality will also increase.

Don't give up if you fail in one day or one meal

The key to keep the strict vegetarian diet is in persistency and also in not push yourself too hard when you make mistakes.

Understand that it is a process and so it can take some time for you to be 100% adapted to id. Pushing yourself too hard will demotivate you and nothing is worse than trying to follow a diet with no motivation.

Never forget that you are capable of maintaining the vegan diet for the whole life and so you are capable of saving thousands of animals from the suffering generated by the food industry.

Now, I'd like to present to you the 12 weeks vegan challenge in case you need a special motivation to join and keep the vegan diet. Our mind works better when we are challenging ourselves through an objective and so it is an excellent method to stick with the vegetarian diet.

In this challenge we will bring daily and weekly tasks for you to better engage with the vegan cause and we will also provide you daily vegan recipes suggestions for you to learn how to cook.

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