Did you know that the vegan lifestyle can become popular and influence everyone lives? The popular vegan is a subtype of veggie lifestyle that opposes to the elitist one, cause it has the goal to spread veggie content across all people, including poor people that live under decent conditions. The objective is to make it popular to change the world with collective actions instead of individual ones.

In this post, we have prepared a lot of information for you to identify which vegan style is being promoted the most by companies and individuals. So by the end of this post, you will be able to wisely choose the best vegan subtype to follow in order to protect the environment, save animals lives and assist us to impact everyone lives.

What is popular veganism

The popular veganism is an aspect of the vegan lifestyle that aims at spreading this lifestyle to everyone, similar to the pop music industry. That means that we want to make it accessible to everyone, including both poor and rich people. But we should bring a special attention to it, cause rich people already have better chances to access veggie content, while poor people might find it extremely difficult to have the same access.

You could think it is a simple concept, but keep in mind that the popular veganism is extremely powerful in order to bring environmental, economic, social and even politics positive impact.

This positive impact exists due to the collective actions, many societies have proven the power that people has when working together to the same goal. So the sum of individual actions grows and provides us better life quality, also saving the environment from the food industry that profits over the animals lives.

So spreading the vegan message to as many persons as we can is our goal and we know that rich people are the minority, so why should we target solutions to them? They already have it, they have their own chefs to cook gourmet vegan recipes while they go to the gym and purchase all the high cost vegan products available in the market.

Our goal is to look at all that is being said about vegan in the world and change the perspective with one main question in mind: How can we make improvements so these products and contents reaches not only the rich people, but mainly the poor people, that are the majority of our society in every country.

Where does the popular vegan concept comes from

Almost every country in the world lives under the capitalism system of production, where the profit of big companies is above all the social matters: living, health, education, environment, etc.

Under the capitalism, these vital questions goes to the background while other less important topics comes to the front of all marketing areas of each company and specially on the media industry, that tries everything to make us think that capitalism is good for us.

But we know the truth, if we just look around, we can see how devastating this system is for 90% of people in every country. We know that while some have conditions to eat healthly, other have no condition of eating at all. It is common to see messages like "veganism is not profitable, people wants to eat meat" or "protecting the environment is not profitable so let's destroy it all".

So we have to consider that a vegan society is not possible in capitalism and this is one reason why we should fight against it everyday, but let's keep our minds in our current reality and think on solutions that we can work on in order to have at least a decent live for everyone even under the claws of capitalism.

The elitist vegan on the other side is the direct result of capitalism in the vegan lifestyle and is also a source of several concerns that we will talk about soon in this post, but it is important to keep in our minds that popular veganism is the alternative to fight against the capitalist way of producing goods.

Under the capitalist system, there are even few initiatives that tries to change the "profits over all" reality, one example is the carbon credit market, that transforms the carbon gas emission into a product, so the companies and countries can purchase the opportunity of increasing their emissions while other countries sells its own emissions capacity, just like environment would allow us to destroy it a little and we have to keep a kind of balance of it to avoid the environment issue.

It is not difficult to see the real problem here, the carbon credits becomes a big profitable way of becoming rich, so big companies purchases carbon credits from everywhere in order to keep polluting the environment, so in the end it changes nothing at all, in fact it even increases overall carbon gas emissions around the world.

And we have to pay special attention to the real responsible of carbon and other harmful gases in the atmosphere. The majority of negative impact in our environment comes from the livestock industry, cause it maintain a big population of cattle for the purpose of just killing it to provide food to the world. The pain applied to these animals is by itself the main reason for us to stop it, but other than that, imagine the amount of grains, water and fields that are demanded by this industry. Add to that the irresponsible stimulated reproduction of these animals just to increase the profit by selling meat.

That's why the popular vegan concept is so important and come as an alternative for us to clearly see the impact that we can make together. We understand that individual actions helps, but acting as a collective of people is the only way to see hope in our future, its the only way to live in a world without animal suffering.

Once we realize that the problem is not on each person individually, we begin to understand that the climate crisis exists not due to a 10 minutes bath we take, but due to the massive deforestation done by livestock industry that not only devastate the forests, but also pollutes the environment and wastes a lot of water to harvest the grains necessary to feed the cattle. And these cattle will be, in the end, killed to provide meat for the food industry.

Imagine how many animals would be free from the captivity if there was no meat consuming market, imagine how much the stimulated reproductions of these animals would stop, how much water, grains and lands would be saved. We will live in this peaceful world someday, but first we must fight against capitalism and bring vegan lifestyle to everyone.

Popular vegan vs Elitist vegan

As we explained in the previous topics, the popular vegan is a powerful tool to reduce the negative impact caused by the profit system in the environment, our health, the way we eat and even in politics. But the elitist vegan is the extreme opposite of the popular one and it is an important ally of the profit industry, it puts money of few above the lives of everyone.

In the elitism vegan concept, the vegan lifestyle is used by big companies with the intention of turning the veganism into another products. It makes clear for us how harmful it is to our world and society.

We will now present 5 of the elitist vegan ideas so we can better comprehend the reason why this concept pushes us apart from a truly sustainable world and harms our fight towards a vegan world.

1. Veganism is a product: For the elitists, the lifestyle is also a product and so the profit is above everything. So people who adhere to elitist veganism tends to build alliances with big companies that does not cares about animals lives, neither the environment. There are several influencers on social media supporting these companies, the result is high cost vegan products and lots of wrong marketing stating that some products are vegan when in fact these are not even close to vegan.

2. Being vegan is an individual matter: The second idea for the elitist vegan is that the individual is responsible for the problems we have in the world. This idea is similar to what we have on the capitalism system, everyone is guilty, except the companies and governments.

The ideia they sell is that the world is collapsing due to a 10 minute bath and not the millions of trees that were removed for the profit sake. So the companies build up a story that they are not responsible and it also applies to the governments that supports them.

The environment, health, education and all the other social topics are not their responsibility, but each person is guilty of doing nothing to stop it all.

That's when we see people saying "Only you can make the difference", "vegan doesn't work cause humans are cruel by nature", "You should stop consuming meat to save the world", "You can't be vegan cause you are weak".

If you have ever heard any of these ideias from someone, keep in mind it is an elitist thought and we should fight against it, these are not true.

3. Being vegan means you are better than everyone else: Vegan people understand the importance of following this lifestyle to save the planet, animals lives and improving our health. But veganism by itself doesn't mean we are better than other people. There are several vegan persons that did terrible things, specially on the 2nd world war. So being vegan doesn't mean someone is a good person.

Since vegan is a lifestyle it includes several aspects, so the vegan person should be humble and understand that there are far more things for us to learn even though we already reached the vegan lifestyle.

4. Everyone should be free to choose: This kind of thought seems to be right, but if we take a closer look at it, we can see that something is wrong and yes, it is a highly used idea from the elitist veganists. This idea is used as an excuse to push people apart the vegan concept, life vegan is a status for those who deserve it other than a lifestyle of conscious people.

In the end, elitist vegans acts together with capitalism, it depends on profit to keep existing and the profit depends on powerful companies marketing teams to keep influencing people.

In this wave of advertisements (many times lying), we tend to lose our freedom of choice, fact that proves by itself that this vision of "free to choose" is meaningless.

Besides that, elitist vegans will keep defending the "free to choose" idea and will keep judging those who are still struggling to adopt the vegan lifestyle. They put themselves on high rank category like it doesn't depends on economic and social matters.

Remember how easy it should be to become vegan if you have money to buy expensive products and if you have a chef cook delicious vegan recipes to you.

5. Vegan is status and power: This is a common thought between elitist vegans and it comes from a perspective of humility lack to recognize the real meaning of being vegan. This idea is fulfilled by a false power and it is important to remember that it is easier to be vegan if you are rich to pay for organic food, keep chefs cooking delicious vegan meals.

This thought is completely far from the reality of almost everyone and when we can't handle it, we feel an intense guilty, cause this is the intention of the elitist vegan, remember that they say we are responsible by the world's problems. So they try to make us feel bad about it, like it is a failure to follow the vegan lifestyle. We should then consider that it is a social matter and not an individual matter.

What should we do for the popular vegan sake

We now understand the concept of both popular and elitist vegan, so now we can take our actions to make the difference. As we saw above, we should not think the problem is within the individual, it is with companies and governments instead. So we have to keep fighting together, the power of the collective is huge, so let's find other people that understands the importance of veganism and let's do something.

We need to find people willing to popularize the vegan lifestyle concepts and so we should act together to bring it to everyone, specially poor people, here it goes several actions we can take together:

- Find a way to deliver easy to learn vegan recipes that does not demand expensive products.
- Find alternate low cost vegan products and teach people about it.
- Teach people about veganism using less fancy words.
- Engage on solidarity campaigns.
- Assist people on joining vegan challenges and vegan meal plans.
- Provide culinary tips using low cost products.

Thinking on some of the actions above, we have built an app to make it easier for us to spread the popular vegan concepts. Download the Go Vegan App and have access to:

1. Free access to vegan content on posts like this.
2. 12 weeks vegan challenge, free access to low rent people.
3. Low cost and easy to cook vegan recipes.
4. Vegan meal plan, free access to low rent people.

Beyond an app, there is a lot more we can do, we can join humanitarian campaigns fighting for the environment, for the vegan lifestyle or even on politics by creating public policies towards vegan concept and environment protection. There are several collectives that acts on social topics and it is important to meet and join them to fight together.

One good example of public policy for the vegan lifestyle is including vegan food into schools and it can be provided by the government. Campaigns like this have a huge positive impact and is capable of assisting a lot of people to become vegan easily. It also improves the overall healthy of the students, while protecting the environment and saving animals lives.

It is important to note that a single meatless day can make a huge difference, so we can imagine thousands of students stopping the meat consumption everyday.

Now that you know the concept of popular vegan, let's engage within the veganism at the Go Vegan App, but keep in mind that it's not the only way, there are several things we can do offline for the vegan world.