The vegan life style is rapidly growing around the world and there are many people willing to become vegan but they face multiple challenges to begin their journeys. The main reasons are the lack of knowledge, pressure from family and monetary difficulties.

Keep reading to find 5 tips to become vegan that will make the path smooth and easy to follow. We are going to cover several aspects about the vegan life style and our main focus will be on the vegan diet, which is the most challenging part that scares everyone. You will end up understanding that its possible to overcome the vegetarian diet and becoming vegan is easier than it looks.

1. Veganism is a lifestyle and so is a gradual process

The veganism is a lifestyle that aims at putting an end into animal suffering. Changing our lifestyle, as happens with any lifestyle is something that doesn't happen within a single day.

Understanding that the path to become vegan is a gradual process that might take a while to finish is the key for the success on this journey, cause we keep trying, we don't give up and we don't rush in. Our goal is to save animal's lives afterall.

Remember that you will need to establish new habits in your life and every new habit takes time to consolidate into our daily lives. There are some studies proving that it takes at least 6 months for habits to consolidate in our routines.

2. Improve your mind to avoid excessive stress

A lot of people demands a lot from us once we decide to change the world through veganism and we have to keep a calm mind to overcome those demands, but the toughest enemy is ourselves.

It is common to join the vegan diet too fast, cause we want to make the world better now, then we begin to force ourselves to follow a heavy diet routine, excessive studies and even activism.

Due to this initial excitement, we end up quitting the process of vegan lifestyle change in few days or weeks, cause we feel our effort was in vain. In order to fight against it we must go slowly, we should not charge ourselves too much, we will get there.

3. Change what is easier first: the vegan products

We know that the diet is always the most challenging part, so the best way to become vegan is to start from the easiest part, which is to replace the products we consume by vegan, plant-based and cruelty-free products. There are a lot of options to replace everything that we use.

Remember that veganism is not a diet and, although it is a vital part of the vegan lifestyle, it is not the only way to build a better world. So replacing these products will make a huge difference in your health and in the society, you will also be saving animal lives.

So begin replacing cosmetics, hygiene and cleaning products, shampoo, hair conditioner, soap, etc. It is also possible to find low cost vegan products, keep searching for vegan brands for that.

4. Study about veganism to keep engaged

Once we aim at changing our lifestyle, we need to keep ourselves engaged within the cause and, for doing that, nothing better than keep studying the matter. This tip will make you learn more and even contribute by convincing others to go vegan.

There are a lot of content available at internet, many of them available at the vegan society page. These contents turns us highly engaged and conscious about the vegan world and this is an important way for earning motivation.

5. Learn vegetarian recipes to begin your vegan diet

We are going to grant a special attention to this topic as the vegetarian diet is the most challenging part, but it doesn't mean its impossible, all you need is a method and we can help you with that.

What is the vegan or vegetarian diet?

The vegan or vegetarian diet consists in a diet free of animal suffering. It means that we stop consuming not only meat, but also milk and egg derivatives.

How can I begin the vegetarian diet?

The best way is to learn how to cook vegan recipes. If its too hard, we can start with a ovolactovegetarian diet. This is a different diet that consists on cut meat while keeping milk and egg derivatives, but is an alternative to begin your journey. Remember that changing your lifestyle is a process, so don't push yourself too hard to change it.

Where can I learn how to cook vegan recipes?

We already thought about that and that't why we created a vegan recipes app called Go Vegan. You will find easy vegetarian recipes and content about vegan lifestyle. You can also save your favorite recipes to cook them whenever you want.

Is there any suggestion of vegan recipes to learn?

It is common to think that the vegetarian diet is made of vegetables only, but the truth is that the vegan culinary is rich, access this link to learn how to cook cake recipes on our Go Vegan App.

Bonus tip: The 12 weeks vegan challenge

We understand that becoming vegan is a slow process, thus we have to challenge ourselves to get there, we also have to turn it into an easy process without pressure. So we decided to build a path to go vegan called 12 weeks vegan challenge.

How does this vegan challenge works?

The challenge consists on 12 weeks of daily and weekly tasks that will guide you to join veganism in an easy and without pressure way. The idea is to turn it into a smooth transition to the vegan world.

Will I become vegan in only 12 weeks?

As we presented in the beginning of this post, the vegan lifestyle is a process and so it can be slow. The 12 weeks vegan challenge will make you begin a soft routine first, then it will smoothly add more tasks and vegan recipes to cook every week.

For example: In the first week your major goal is to avoid meat consumption for a single day and, for that, we recommend learning more about the meatless monday program.

By the end of the challenge, you will have learned how to cook vegetarian recipes and will have replaced several products by vegan options. At this moment, you will be able to call yourself vegan, but it is necessary to keep working on that. Remember that it takes at least 6 months to consolidate a new habit and so a vegan lifestyle.

What we are offering you with this challenge is a plan and the necessary tools to go vegan. After that, it will be easy to keep working in order to consolidate the habit and even becoming an activist for the vegan cause. Let's build a better vegan world.

12 weeks vegan challenge by Go Vegan App

The vegan world is possible and you can make the difference

Now that you read so far, we would like to thank you for paying so much attention and we would like to reinforce that it is possible to become vegan in an easy and smooth way. Now you have the tools and we hope to see you learning even more about veganism.